Our Story

After spending over 25 years in full-time ministry, Peter Kim (Ministry Director) was sentenced to 12 years of incarceration in the Colorado Department of Corrections. In the gospel of Mark, the writer shares the story of a large crowd following Jesus as He traveled to the home of Jairus. The crowd was thick and the road was narrow – people pressed and bumped into each other as they positioned themselves while hanging around Jesus. But only one person in the crowd stopped Jesus while He walked; a woman who had suffered for years. Why? Why did Jesus stop for this woman? Because she made a choice to fight through the crowds, reach-out and touch Jesus! Peter shares that he was like many of the nameless in the crowd – just hanging around Jesus but never reaching out to touch Him. He goes on to share that his “ah-ha” moment came in a prison cell on Christmas morning when the shock of his life truly settled in his heart. The truth of the story of the crowd and the healed woman resonated deeply and Peter knew the time had come to move from being a person who just hung-out with Jesus to someone who would make a choice to fight through the crowds, reach-out and touch Jesus.

Fast forward 10 years. After completing his prison sentence and motivated to proclaim Jesus, honor the prison chaplains and to assist those who struggle with incarceration, Connections Prison Ministry was birthed.

The mission of Connections Prison Ministry is to introduce RESCUE through the grace and agape love of Jesus; to inspire a heart and life of REDEMPTION through the study and prayer of God’s word; and to invest in RESTORATION through fellowship and accountability.

Peter often states that DOC offers many great programs and educational opportunities but having skills and smarts isn’t what brings about change. The only true lasting change…changes that affect the heart comes from knowing and living for Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Connections was developed with the ultimate purpose of sharing Jesus through relationships with individuals and in many cases, their families. Providing this kind of tangible support as parolees begin the next chapters of life, has given Connections the opportunity to be a vital voice as Jesus is shared and the Gospel is preached.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story; thank you for your prayers and financial support. Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call if you have any questions.

Our Team

Bill Humphreys

Executive Director, has been a volunteer chaplain for the Colorado Department of Corrections since 2005. He retired in 2000 as a Colonel after serving 26 years in the US Air Force. He has a Ph.D in engineering from Stanford University and continues to work part time for the Institute for Defense Analyses testing military communication satellites. Chaplain Bill and his wife Terri have been married for 45 years and live in Cañon City. They have two children and four grandchildren.

Charles Carr

Finance Director, previously worked in Municipal Government in the field of Parks and Recreation for 30 years with the last 25 years for the City of Costa Mesa, California as the Recreation Superintendent. Charles has been retired for 20 years and will be celebrating 50 years with his wife Jan in 2021. They have participated in various ministries in the local church over the years and have worked with couples on finances using Crown Ministries as well as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace. They also have a family member serving time in prison and have seen God’s grace and mercy in his life through his repentance. They state, “We are very aware of the need to minister to those still serving time and the great need to give direction and help to those being released from prison as they seek to move forward with their lives. We are blessed to be a part of Connections Prison Ministry and look forward to all that God will be doing in the future.”

Michelle Gott

Board Secretary, would say “My parents are responsible for my love for prisoners!” Her parents Dick and Carol have served over 35 years dedicating themselves to sharing the gospel to prisoners. Michelle has been self-employed, is a writer, and brings a wealth of experience in management and leadership. She has been called to carry-on her parents legacy in ministering to the incarcerated sharing the grace and love of Jesus.

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