How Does it Work

Connections Prison Ministry is a non-profit ministry with the ultimate purpose of sharing Jesus through relationships with individuals and their families who struggle with incarceration.

Our mission is to introduce rescue through the grace and agape love of Jesus; to inspire a heart and life of redemption through the study and prayer of God’s word; and to invest in restoration through fellowship and accountability.

As relationships are built, CPM offers assistance with resources for employment, transportation, housing, cellphones, clothing, food, basic household supplies, mentorship, counsel and connections to the local Church.

Providing this kind of tangible support to the incarcerated and parolees beginning the next chapters of life has given Connections the opportunity to be a vital voice as Jesus is shared and the Gospel is preached.

Connecting with Connections Prison Ministry is simple…

  1. Incarcerated men and women in most Colorado prisons can request a “Connections Prison Ministry” application through the facility Chaplain’s office.
  2. Family members can also print a copy from this site and mail it to their incarcerated family member.
  3. Completed applications should be mailed to:
    Connections Prison Ministry
    PO Box 64261
    Colorado Springs, CO 80962.
  4. Completed applications will be verified with facility Chaplains, staff and Case management.
  5. After applications are received, they are prioritized based on several factors including release dates, needs, incarceration history and available resources.
  6. Accepted applicants will be contacted via facility mail or facility approved Jpay letters where plans for support can be arranged.

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